Lead and Alternative Materials: The Sub-Committee is taking a world leadership role in monitoring the latest developments with regard to the metallic constituents of ammunition. This includes both in projectiles themselves and on shooting ranges.

Shot Dispersal Software Project: Through one of its European member associations the WFSA Environment Sub-Committee is developing and distributing a software program to aid in the charting of lead shot dispersal on trap, skeet and sporting clays ranges.

Exchange of Information and Studies: The WFSA Environment Sub-Committee is striving to become a clearing house for information exchange. Member associations have realized through talking with each other that there are numerous studies in various jurisdictions which can be used in policy-making deliberations in other venues. The Sub-Committee formalizes the exchange of this type of information.

Monitoring International Environmental Treaties: The Sub-Committee monitors international treaties which may affect hunting and sport shooting, such as the Convention on Importation and Trade in Endangered Species and the Bio-Diversity Treaty.

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