Creating a universal system of firearms marking has become a focal point of several continuing international policy initiatives. In response the WFSA UN Sub-Committee is facilitating efforts of the firearms manufacturing community, and others, to present their version of what a workable universal making system might be. A Working Group has been appointed and numerous contacts have been made with the international community. As part of this process, the Sub-Committee has arranged for educational visits by national officials, working with the UN, to manufacturing facilities to see firsthand the current operating standard procedures.

The various international initiatives on small arms and firearms are in serious need of agreed definitions relating to the various categories of arms. Terms need to be precise and comprehensive, yet neutral in their effect, so that it is clear to all concerned in this area that the particular firearm category under discussion is understood by all. To this end the Sub-Committee, in consultation with all parties concerned, has done considerable work in the area of ensuring that for the international discussion of small arms there are workable and appropriate definitions.

The definition of antique firearms is a topic under discussion by the international community in an attempt to formulate possible instruments. The firearms community, through the WFSA UN Sub-Committee, again seeks to be of assistance by presenting a definition promulgated by the joint efforts of firearms collecting associations throughout the world.

The WFSA UN Sub-Committee is seeking to be of assistance to international agencies in the development of any new proposed firearm identification systems. The WFSA believes that collectors may have already developed identification systems which will be especially useful for these agencies.

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• United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects
Biennial Meeting of States, 2003 - UN press release, outlining national and NGO speeches
Biennial Meeting of States, July, 2003 - UN press release, including summary by the Chairperson.
London Definitions Report
Sardinia Firearms Marking Report
Naples Report - From the WFSA International Workshop entitled "Export, Import and Brokering of Small Arms and Firearms: Identifying the Problems – Partnerships for Solutions" - June 13-14, 2002. (This is a large document)
UN Criminal Justice Reform and Strengthening of Legal Institutions Measures to Regulate Firearms. (United NA) (81 KB) Full Report
Comment of the Firearms Community on the UN Firearms Protocol Definition of an ''Antique Firearm'' Presented by the The Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia and the National Rifle Association of America in conjunction with the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities.
Technical and Manufacturing Aspects of Firearms Marking In the Context of UN Regulation Efforts Brescia, Italy, 30 September- 1 October, 1999 Preliminary report.
International Firearms Legislation For the purposes of those conducting research, we have included a link here to our International Firearms Legislation Page.
Gun Control and the Reduction of the Number of Arms by Dr. Franz Csaszar Adobe Acrobat pdf file
Cross Sectional Study of the Relationship Between Levels of Gun Ownership and Violent Deaths by Colin Greenwood

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