World Experts Discuss Firearms Issues

On May 2-3, 2003, the WFSA sponsored a conference in England, at the Tower of London, entitled The Legal, Economic and Human Rights Implications of Civilian Firearms Ownership and Regulation.
There were over eight hours of presentations at this landmark symposium. Distilled from that program is the DVD, "A Question of Balance", which is 56 minutes long and includes numerous graphics, video footage and photos, as well as a special 13-minute overview of major topics covered.
A Question of Balance.
Speakers cover important issues including: the futility of gun registration as a deterrent against crime, the popularity of shooting in Switzerland, gun ownership as a protection from genocide, women and firearms, the importance of shooting sports as a form of recreation, and advice from the firearms industry on how to regulate trade.
The DVD is extremely informative and appropriate for libraries and schools, as well as for giving to decision-makers.

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