There are two types of members:

Association Membership In The World Forum
The World Forum on Shooting Activities is an association of organizations with two levels of membership: Voting Member and Regular Member.

Voting Members and Regular Members are entitled to attend the yearly General Assembly of the Forum and submit resolutions. Organizations at either level are entitled to send as many delegates as they please to the General Assembly and to the Plenary Session.

Voting Members are also eligible to serve on the Forum Executive Committee.

Member organizations, in any category, must be sponsored by two existing members of the Forum. Organizations which may not be known to Forum members may request sponsorship.
The sponsorship requirement is a means of assuring potential members support the aims of the Forum.

Membership Fees
• Voting Members: €3000 per year
• Regular Members: €500 per year

For membership inquiries please send an email to WFSA Secretariat. Thank you for your interest.

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