1. Licensing requirements in Sweden.
(a) Shotguns. Licence needed for hunting, shooting or collecting.
(b) Rifles. The same as for shotguns.
(c) Handguns. (Pistol/Revolver) Licence needed for target shooting or collecting. For target shooting the licence holder must be an active shooter in a pistol club and have qualified for the gold medal in pistol shooting. Facilities exist for new entrants. For collecting, must be member of gun collecting club.
(d) Airguns. Licence required for .177 cal. guns with a muzzle velocity over 200 meters/second or with a muzzle energy over 10 joules. A .22 cal. or .25 cal. airrifle requires a licence if the muzzle velocity is higher than 140 meters/second and regardless of muzzle energy. Minimum age 18 years.

2. Storage requirements.
All licenced firearms must be kept secure when not in use. Police usually demand a steel cabinet. This includes "antique" and obsolete caliber guns.

3. Hunting.
Licence required including qualification for Swedish Hunter's exam. Hunting with bow and arrow, crossbows, muzzle loading guns and pistols and revolvers is prohibited.

4. Visitors to Sweden
(a) from EU Member States : European Firearms Pass. For Hunters a Hunting Licence required (with assistance from person inviting the Hunter) which must be shown on arrival.
(b) from Rest of World : Same as (b) except Gun permit/licence issued in own country instead of EFP.

5. Juniors.
Exceptions can be made for juniors who are aged least 15 years to obtain a firearms licence provided that he/she is an extremely good competition shooter or a trainee forrester or gamekeeper.

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