A Permit is required to possess any type of firearm, issued by the Police (Guardia Civil). Generally issued to Spaniards and Citizens over 18 years, who do not have a Police record. (For Air Rifles – see below)

Handguns for self-protection – (Permit Type ‘B’)
Permit to possess one handgun for their self-defence, valid for 3 years. It is only granted when the applicant can demonstrate the necessity for it, and has been the subject of a psycho-physical examination.

Big Game – (Type ‘D’)
Permit for rifles for big game – calibres 5.56 – 20mm excluded. Similar psycho-physical examination required, plus a technical examination on knowledge and care of firearms, and on conservation. Permit covers up to 5 firearms, and is valid for 5 years.

Shotguns and Rifles .22 Cal.-(Type ‘E’)
Permit allows possession of Shotguns (smooth bore) of any calibre or system (side-by-side, over/under, semi-automatic, pump) and .22 Rifles and ‘assimilated arms’. Similar examinations as Type ‘D’. Permit allows possession of 6 Shotguns and 6 x .22 Rifles, or a maximum of 12 guns between the three types.

Target Shooting – Handguns – (Type ‘F’)
Allows handguns for competition by members of Sports Federation, of calibres, length and type specified by the Federation. Members are classified by the Federation – ‘Class 3’ allowed one handgun for club competition; ‘Class 2’ allowed up to 5 firearms and may compete in Regional competitions; ‘Class 1’ allowed up to 10 firearms for participation in National events. Applicant must pass psycho-physical exam and aptitude test in his Club. Permit valid for 3 years, during which period he/she must participate in at least one competition before renewal.

Muzzle-loading firearms – (Authorization Type ‘AE’)
Special authorization required to possess original or replica muzzle-loading firearms, antique or historic where first original model was manufactured before 1st January 1870, and Flobert system. Authorization subject to psycho-physical exam, is valid for 5 years, and covers unlimited number of arms.

Young Persons (14-16 years and 16-18 years) – Authorization Type ‘AEM’
16-18 years - allows use (not ownership) of Shotguns and .22 Rifles when accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for the minor’s conduct. 16-18 years may also use long rifles for big game, under adult supervision. Psych-physical test and technical-practical exam are necessary. On arriving at 18 years must apply for Permit Type ‘D’ or ‘E’ (without necessity of retaking technical-practical exam).

Security Guards, National Forces and Security Corps – Permit Type ‘C’
Issued subject to psycho-physical exam and a course in Security. User must have periodical organised practice. Permit authorizes one handgun, the property of the Security company and may only be carried when on duty.

Air Rifles
Those below 24,2 Jules energy, of any calibre, may be possessed with an authorization issued by the Town Hall. If the owner is to use it only on his/her property, he Town Hall’s authorization in not needed but the seller of the air rifle must issue a Sales Declaration before the Guardia Civil and the Mayor’s office, stating details of the buyer and the make, number and calibre of the gun. Those in excess of 24,2 Jules are considered equivalent to a firearm, and a Gun Permit is required.

Ownership Cards (Guias de Pertenencia)
In addition to Gun Permits, each firearm is registered and has it’s own Ownership Card, issued by Gardia Civil corresponding to the place of residence of the owner, containing make, serial number and calibre of the gun and the personal data of the owner. Valid for 5 years, then is subject to review.

Storage of Firearms
Must be kept securely. Shotguns and .22 Rifles may be kept at home, not necessarily in a security cabinet with disassembled pieces stored separately. Big Game rifles and handguns must be stored in an approved security cabinet. In the case of theft or loss, the owner is fined €150.- minimum. Hunting Licences. To participate, a licence is required for which, in some regions, the applicant must pass an examination initially. These are issued by the Regions, for which there are 17

Hunting Licences.
Civil Responsibility Insurance is required also, but on a ‘nationwide’ basis.

Visitors to Spain
A visiting non-resident or foreigner who wishes to participate in hunting or a shooting competition must apply through the organization for a permit to enter Spain with his/her firearm(s). The possession of the European Firearms Pass alone is not sufficient.

European Firearms Pass
Spaniards who are authorized to possess firearms may apply for a European Firearms Pass to enable them to travel to other EU States with their firearms.

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