On August 15, 2006, Malta is to repeal the Arms Ordinance of 1931 in favour of the Arms Act 2005, which was unanimously approved in Parliament in July, 2005. The new law followed negotiations between the Ministry of Home Affairs and firearm owners, led by the Association of Maltese Arms Collectors & Shooters (AMACS), which is a WFSA member body. In this country, the individual and his activities are licensed. The corresponding categories of guns are then registered in the licensed individual's name. Licensed collectors may keep any number of pre-1946 guns from all Schedules, including otherwise-prohibited fully-automatic firearms, as well as a maximum of ten guns manufactured from that date onwards. A licensed target shooter may practise any form of shooting in any calibre provided that the discipline is regulated by an international body to which his club is affiliated. In both cases club membership and recommendation are necessary. Other mechanisms will operate through the regulations.
The English version of the laws is available here: Malta Legislation (pdf file)

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