In Germany the discussion about an amendment of the current legislation is still ongoing. Storing safety, number of allowed firearms and requirements for purchase, etc. are the issues that hereby receive the most awareness. Currently, the situation is as follows:
- Persons who would like to purchase and to be in control of weapons need a "firearm ownership card". Hence, it has a double function. The allowance for purchase is valid for one year that for control of weapons is timely unrestricted. The latter allowance does not need who:
* uses firearms for an authorised hunting;
* gets firearms by inheritance or by finding;
* receives firearms from entitled persons to safeguard them temporarily;
* is owner of a hunting license, a "One-day-hunting-license" or a "Youth-hunting-license" subject to the restriction that the respective weapon is longer than 60 cm and not a self-loading one with a magazine capacity of more than two cartridges.

In certain cases, where hunters do not have the necessary reliability, the authority in charge could confiscate ore deny the issue of the "firearm ownership card". The reliability is not given, where weapons and ammunition are:
* used improperly or in a careless manner;
* used without paying the appropriate attention to safety;
* not kept carefully;
* let to people that are not authorised to be in control of it.

The owner of a hunting license is allowed to have two short weapons without making a statement on his needs. In any case he is going to purchase another short weapons he has to make a statement to the authority in charge, describing the reason for his need (e.g. the two short weapons he already have could not be used for the finishing shot for several reasons, etc.)
The number of shotguns, rifles, etc. is not restricted.

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