Licensing requirements
* Shotgun barrel less than 60cm authorization
* Shotgun pump action authorization
* Shotgun semi-auto more than 3 shots authorization
* Shotgun semi-automatic 3 shots maximum (magazine 2 shots) declaration
* Shotgun one barrel single shot ¹ free
* Shotgun two barrels one shot per barrel ¹ free
* Shotgun/Rifle (combinated) ¹ declaration

* Full automatic prohibited
* Rifle military calibre (7,62x51/.308W, .30-06, 8x57JS, 5, 56x45/.223 R, etc. list of 34 calibres) prohibited * Rifle revolving ² authorization
* Rifle semi-auto more than 3 shots or with a detachable magazine ² authorization
* Rifle repeating more than 10 shots ² authorization
* Rifle repeating or semi-automatic looking like an automatic firearm ² authorization
* Rifle Express ² declaration
* Rifle one-shot ² declaration
* Rifle repeating ² declaration
* Rifle semi-automatic 3 shots not detachable 2 shots magazine ² declaration

* Revolver and semi-automatic Pistol of a classified military calibre prohibited
* (7,62 Tokarev, 7,63 Mauser, 7,65/.30 Lüger, 9mm Parabellum, etc. list of 18 calibres)
* Other revolver and pistol ² authorization

* Airgun 2 joules and less
* Airgun more than 10 joules declaration
* Airgun less than 10 joules but more than 2 joules free

* Alarm and signal weapon free
* Firearm disguised under another object prohibited
* Firearm semi-auto or repeating (barrel less than 45 cm. ; authorization
* less 80 cm total length)
* Antique and certified reproduction free
* Firearm certified unfit for use free

No license delivered except for members of the FFdT (non-automatic rifles and handguns).

21 years old. License delivered by the Prefet. The recipient must be member of an agreed target shooting club and have the prior consent of the Federation or have a valid hunting license for shotguns or rifles subject to authorization.
Licenses for self-defence are rarely delivered.
Licensed shooter’s possession is limited to 12 firearms : 7 centre fire handguns or non-automatic military calibre rifles, the others being rimfire handguns or centre fire long guns under authorization.

18 years old. The recipient must present a valid hunting or target shooting license. DECLARATION to send to the Police and consists also of signing the Gun Dealers’ register. This register is controlled by the Police.
No limitation on the number of firearms possessed.

18 years old minimum age. A valid hunting or target shooting license must be presented for the acquisition of shotguns.
No limitation on the number of firearms possessed.
Storage/transportation requirements.

No requirement for private person.

Firearms subject to authorization may only be transported unloaded, dismantled or with a trigger lock in a locked case and with a good reason.
Firearms subject to declaration or on free sale be transported unloaded, in a case or a sleeve and with a good reason.

Hunting/Target shooting
The hunting right belongs to the landowner. This right can be brought to local hunters’ associations or lease out to hunters’ associations or private persons. Hunting on Maritime State Domains needs a special stamp.
The Préfet of the Departement issues hunters’ permits to be validated every year.

* 16 years old;
* to succeed a hunting examination;
* to be of good conduct and not mentally disabled;
* to pay the requested stamps.

Foreigners: may be granted a hunting permit valid 9 successive days.

Useful address:
Union Nationale des Fédérations Départementales des Chasseurs 48, rue d’Alesia 75017 PARIS

License is issued by the Fédération

* 16 year old (9 years old for airguns) with the parents’ agreement.
* to be member of an agreed shooting club (6 month stage);
* to be of good conduct and not mentally disable

Useful address:
Fédération Française de Tir 29, boulevard Jules Sandeau 75016 PARIS
Fédération Française de Ball Trap 2, rue des Dardanelles 75017 PARIS

Moving between member States or Coming from abroad
Moving between EU member States

French residents need an EFP (European Firearms Pass) to travel/transit to another member State. The prior consent of the transited/visited member State is necessary when the accompanying firearm is under authorisation in the transited/visited member State.
Visitors from another member State do not need a prior consent from the French authorities when they travel with firearms subject to declaration or free sale but do if they travel with firearms subject to authorization. Firearms of military calibres are prohibited.
A written invitation is necessary.

Foreign visitors are not allowed to introduce a firearm subject to authorization on the territory except if they are member of a foreign sport shooting association and are participating to a shooting event and with the written permission of the Préfet. This application is introduced by the visiting team.
Only two firearms may be introduced on the territory under a temporary import licence delivered by the Customs.

The acquisition of firearms by juniors less than 16 years old is prohibited.
Under 21 years old, only juniors participating in international events are allowed to acquire firearms subject to authorization with the approval of the FFdT.
Under 18 years old, juniors may acquire firearms subject to declaration or free sale with the approval of their parents if:
* they have a hunting licence;
* they have a shooting licence and the approval of the Federation.

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