1. Licensing requirements
a) Shotguns: License needed. Reason to buy a shotgun can be hunting, sport shooting and keeping in the collection.
b) Rifles: License needed. Reason to buy a rifle same than above, but also our reserve forces training (military).
c) Handguns: License needed. Reason to buy sportshooting (silhouette, big bore pistol etc.), reserve forces training (military), work (night quards in security companies), profession (shooting instructor, security adviser etc.). Also earlier to protect you own life (legislation now in our parliament and we hope seft protection will be accepted again).
d) Airguns: No license required (we have strong group of civil servants which wanted to our legislation a license for air guns, we think that if we can keep inside EU air guns outside directive 91/477/EU we can keep air guns away from gun legislation).

2. Storage requirements
In our legislation you have to keep all guns in the locked place, but the other part of the legislation which is now in the parliament in § 106 the Ministry of Interior and our Government has succeeded that if you have more than 5 pistols, revolvers, self loading rifles or other self loading guns you have to keep them in the safety cabin which is accepted by the Ministry of Interior. But if you have a safety place in your house accepted by the local police, its enough. According this law you cannot keep guns loaded and ready for use at home.

3. Hunting
You need a hunting permit. You can get it by reading carefully necessary books of hunting legislation and reading necessary §’s from our gun legislation. We have examinations arranged by the local hunting organisations. We have now about 340.000 hunting permit holders in Finland.

4. Visitors to Finland
a) Firearm pass and invitation. If you are coming to hunt you need hunting permit and if you are coming to the moose hunting you have to shoot a test shooting 3 shots in standing moose and 3 shots in running moose target. Points from 1 to 10. You have to hit every time at least number 1. You can try 5 times.
b) Local gun permit and invitation. Other things same than above.

5. Juniors
You can get a permit if you are 15 years old your parents will quarantee that you are under their control when you are shooting or hunting (I got my first gun permit for 357 Magnum revolver at age 15).

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