1. Licensing requirements
(a) Shotguns - License needed. Whilst hunting, maximum 2 shells in the gun.
(b) Rifles - License needed. Hunting: Bolt action rifles - max. 10 round magazine. Semi-automatic rifles - max.2 cartridges in the rifle.
(c) Handguns (Pistol/Revolver) - Must be an active member of a club before license granted. Difficult to obtain license for large calibers (.44/.45 etc.)
(d) Airguns - No license required. Minimum age 18 years.

2. Storage requirements
The bolt/breech block must be stored separately from the gun.

3. Hunting
License is required - issued after examination.

4. Visitors to Denmark
From EU States EFP. From outside EU, it is recommend to check with the Danish Embassy in your country, who will inform visitor which permits/licenses are required.

5. Juniors
Minimum age 16 years.

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