The currently amended firearm legislation in Austria is following the Directive 91/477/EEC.
It separates several categories
* A: forbidden firearms
* B: firearms that need special permission like half-automatic rifles and shotguns
* C: firearms subject to registration like repeating rifles, tip-up arms and combination guns
* D: other firearms (like shotguns)
The legislation concedes to each hunter the ownership of two pistols or revolvers. Purchase and ownership of the latter group is related to a firearms certificate or a firearms passport.
Every five years the authority in charge will control the safekeeping of the short weapons and the keeping of other weapons belonging to category C and D as well as their legal ownership. For the purchase of weapons belonging to category C or D, no documents are required. Nevertheless, these arms could only be used when having a firearms passport or a valid "Hunting Card".
The ownership of weapons with a rifled barrel is subject to registration. The registration has to be done by an armorer who registers owner and weapon and gives a certificate liable to the owner's expense. Further transfer of these data to the authority is only possible after special request. The armorer has to keep these data for seven years.
A person who applies the first time for a firearm certificate and has no "Hunting Card" has to undergo a certain examination to assess his reliability and medical status (no psychological illnesses, etc.). There is no restriction what the number of weapons is concerned but reaching the number of 20 (not only hunting and sporting weapons but all weapons subject to the weapons legislation) is to be announced to the authority.

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