The WFSA at its annual general meeting in Nuremberg, Germany, on March 8, 2012, presented its prestigious Shooting Ambassador Award to Stephen Hunter from USA. Stephen Hunter is an American novelist, essayist, and film critic. He graduated in 1968 at the Northwestern University with a degree in journalism. Later on he served in the United States Army for two years as a ceremonial soldier, and as a journalist for a military paper, the Pentagon News. Then he worked as film critic for the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, receiving many awards. In the meantime he started the novelist career, writing many novels and non-fiction books. Among Hunter's most famous works are Point of Impact (filmed as Shooter), Black Light and Time to Hunt, which form a trilogy featuring Bob "the Nailer" Swagger, a Vietnam War veteran and sniper. He is also author of Hot Springs, Pale Horse Coming, and Havana, another trilogy centered on Bob Swagger's father, Earl. Stephen Hunter fires handguns as a hobby, saying "many people don't understand, shooting a firearm is a sensual pleasure that's rewarding in and of itself."

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