Olympic gold medallist Italian Chiara Cainero became the latest recipient of the WFSA Shooting Ambassador Award on March 12, 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany, at the WFSA’s annual meeting. A shooter of skeet, Chiara Cainero entered her first shotgun-shooting competition in 1996 at the age of eighteen. She has been a member of Italy’s National Women’s Skeet Team since 1998, and has competed all over the world. The multi-lingual graduate in Public Relations has worked in publishing and remains on the register of free-lance journalists. She gave up full-time work in 2003 in order to devote her time to shooting. With five individual gold medals accumulated just from Italian national championships alone, to the present she has accumulated a total of thirteen gold, eight silver and eleven bronze medals in both team and individual events. She has shot in World Cup Tests, World Cup Finals, European Championships and World Championships. Her Olympic Gold Medal was earned in Peking in 2008. Chiara Cainero describes her first Olympiad in Athens, in 2004, as “an unforgettable experience both from a sporting and human point of view,” and sees it as a determining influence in her shooting career. “From 2005,” she said, “I tested myself from a sporting point of view, changing many aspects of my technical preparation and focusing more on physical preparation. Day by day I began to believe in what I was doing more and more.” To continue to perform at her present level of expertise she says she has had to make many sacrifices. She acknowledges her husband’s support and belief in her, as she practised and trained along the path to the gold medal in Peking. She also credits her upbringing in a family of shooters and hunters with giving her the background for what it takes to win a gold medal in international competition. Her father entered clay target shooting competitions all over the world, and he took her with him to many. In her early life, each weekend the family travelled around Italy, following his competitions. She was encouraged to try all sorts of sports, including tennis, swimming, skating and volleyball, but from the age of 14 clay target competition took her interest entirely.

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