The WFSA at its annual general meeting in Nuremberg, Germany, on March 12, 2009, presented its prestigious Shooting Ambassador Award to Colin Greenwood of the United Kingdom. A former Coldstream Guardsman who spent five years in the army, Colin Greenwood went on to serve as a policeman in West Yorkshire, England, and retired as a Superintendent after 25 years’ service. While a Chief Inspector, he won a research fellowship at Cambridge University Institute of Criminology where he studied the development of firearms legislation in Britain, on which was based his well-known book ‘Firearms Control’ (1972). Its penetrating critique of the origins and inadequacies of British firearms legislation was groundbreaking and remains a key reference in the discussion of firearms ownership and the shooting sports in Britain. He wrote ‘Police Firearms Training’ in 1966 and ‘Police Tactics in the Use of Firearms’ in 1969. Following his strong interest in antiquarian arms and collecting, his most recent publication is ‘The Classic British Rook & Rabbit Rifle’ (2006). He has been a consultant to the Shooting Sports Trust and the Gun Trade Association, and through these two bodies a contributor to the work of the British Shooting Sports Council. He has had wide interest in and experience of shooting since childhood, including target rifle, clay target and pistol, and he represented the British Police in the European Police Pistol Championships. He has shot large and small game and is a keen deer stalker and handloader. He has worked as a forensic firearms expert and court expert witness. After retirement from the police, he edited the British shooting and firearms magazine ‘Guns Review’ for many years. With his strong background in research, he continues to write today. The shooting community of the UK and the Commonwealth owes Colin Greenwood a huge debt of gratitude. His knowledge, research and his often-published forthright insistence on the truth have been deployed time and again in defence of lawful civilian firearms owners. In receiving this WFSA Ambassador Award, he joins African novelist Wilbur Smith, Sir Jackie Stewart (UK), Torben Espensen (Denmark), Garry Breitkreuz, MP (Canada), and Ugo Gussalli Beretta (Italy).

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