On March 9, 2006, the WFSA presented the Shooting Ambassador Award to Ugo Gussalli Beretta, the head of the world-famous Italian gunmaking company. At the presentation in Nuremberg, at the World Forum's AGM, he said:
"I am particularly proud of joining the superb list of my predecessors who have received the Ambassador Award in past years - writers, sportsmen, politicians, people among whom excellence has been the rule".
"The Beretta family, my family, has carried over, uninterrupted, this tradition of gun makers for almost 500 years. Today, it is my passion, and my son's passion too".
"Fortified by this long history, I strongly believe in the future, in the foundation and in the potential of our sector. I am sure that working together, sticking together, we will overcome the difficulties and the numerous challenges we are facing".
"We have to acknowledge that the WFSA, in these past 10 years, has made possible what appeared to be impossible: an invaluable accomplishment in activating and coordinating all our existing resources worldwide. The information gathering, first of all, and then the protection the WFSA offers worldwide, combine together. They are of absolute importance for the appreciation and the presentation of our reality and our beliefs".
"The company which I am honoured to represent is grateful to the World Forum for the steady care which aims to support, with ideas and actions, the legitimate rights of about one hundred million sport shooters, hunters - passionate, law abiding citizens".
"Thank you again for this prestigious award. I express my warmest wishes for the future of WFSA and for the continued success of this great tradition, part of our culture, a central part of our world".

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