The World Forum’s most recent Shooting Ambassador Award was presented to Canadian Member of Parliament Garry Breitkreuz. The World Forum on March 7th, 2002, granted the Inaugural Sport Shooting Ambassador Award to the best-selling African author Wilbur Smith.
Other recipients include Scottish racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart and Italian gunmaker Ugo Gussalli Beretta.
In his acceptance speech in Nuremberg, Germany, in March 2005, Garry Breitkreuz described his entry into the struggle to keep lawful firearm ownership afloat in Canada:
"I’d hunted all my life but I never understood that my pastime was under attack until one March evening in 1994. It was 40 degrees below and two thousand people filled an arena in Preeceville, Saskatchewan, to protest a 1991 gun control bill".
"At first I saw that democratic rights were being infringed but the more I dug, the more I realized that fundamental rights and freedoms were being trampled, too."
With a farming background coupled with his own interest in hunting, Garry Breitkreuz has devoted enormous energy to the defence of the right of the law-abiding civilian to own firearms. His website shows the evidence of the very considerable amount of research that has come out of his office regarding all aspects of gun legislation.
This presentation is made to individuals selected for their contribution to the shooting sports. The award is presented each year in Nuremberg, Germany, at IWA, the International Trade Fair for Hunting and Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and Accessories, where the WFSA has its Annual General Meeting. The World Forum's Sport Shooting Ambassador Award consists of a solid silver reproduction of a Sixteenth Century pistol with its powder flask.

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