The World Forum on March 7th, 2002, granted the Inaugural Sport Shooting Ambassador Award to the best-selling African author Wilbur Smith. The presentation was made by Keith Tidswell, the chairman of the WFSA’s Image Sub-Committee and the first Vice President of the WFSA. Each year in Nuremberg, Germany, at IWA, the International Trade Fair for Hunting and Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and Accessories, the WFSA has its Annual General Meeting. In this international environment of hunters, target shooters, associations and manufacturers, Wilbur Smith happily accepted the World Forum’s award of a solid silver replica of a Sixteenth Century pistol and powder flask. Wilbur Smith has had a lifelong connection with guns, and today he owns and uses a variety by different makers. He happily speaks in favour of managed, seasonal hunting, and believes, in the interests of effective conservation, that using hunters’ money to buy and maintain animal habitat is the best possible practice. Mr. Smith, accompanied by his wife Mokhiniso, recounted to an attentive meeting his African childhood filled with dogs, guns and hunting. His words displayed an obvious love and respect for animals and the outdoors. His belief in sustainable utilization of wildlife resources struck a responsive chord, and he was given a standing ovation. The World Forum, now representing more than thirty associations, aims to raise global community awareness of the case for legitimate gun ownership. International governmental groups as well as institutions such as the United Nations have increasingly turned to the WFSA as it puts forward the views of the global gun owner. Wilbur Smith, as a high-profile and worthy recipient of the Ambassador for the Shooting Sports Award, is lending international and high-profile support to gun owners in places as diverse as Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Scandinavia. Other recipients include Canadian Member of Parliament Garry Breitkreuz, Scottish racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart and Italian gunmaker Ugo Gussalli Beretta. This presentation is made to individuals selected for their contribution to the shooting sports. The award is presented in Nuremberg, Germany, at IWA, the International Trade Fair for Hunting and Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and Accessories, where the WFSA has its Annual General Meeting. The World Forum's Sport Shooting Ambassador Award consists of a solid silver reproduction of a Sixteenth Century pistol with its powder flask.

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