At the March, 2008 AGM of the World Forum at IWA in Nuremberg, Germany, the Ambassador Award was presented to Danish gun collector and hunter Torben Espensen.
A longstanding defender of the shooting sports in all their forms, Torben Espensen has a high profile in Scandinavia, promoting ethical hunting. A student of firearms, he has an extensive business background acquired after the completion of military service in which he gained experience as a shooting instructor. He also owns an exceptional museum-quality firearms collection, covering military and police arms from 1600 to 1953.
Other recipients include Canadian Member of Parliament Garry Breitkreuz, Scottish racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart and Italian gunmaker Ugo Gussalli Beretta.
This presentation is made to individuals selected for their contribution to the shooting sports.
The award is presented in Nuremberg, Germany, at IWA, the International Trade Fair for Hunting and Sporting Arms, Outdoor Articles and Accessories, where the WFSA has its Annual General Meeting. The World Forum's Sport Shooting Ambassador Award consists of a solid silver reproduction of a Sixteenth Century pistol with its powder flask.

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