About WFSA

The WFSA is an association of hunting, shooting, and industry organizations. Founded in 1996, the WFSA has over 44 existing associations and organizations from as far apart as Switzerland and New Zealand, Sweden and South Africa. It represents over one hundred million sport shooters around the world. The WFSA and its member associations for over fifteen years have attended every major UN conference affecting hunting or sport shooting. The WFSA is an official United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the UN General Assembly. It is one of the few NGOs in the world to have been invited to speak before one of the five committees of the UN General Assembly.

The WFSA is a pro-active advocacy organization, working in concert with international bodies, national governments and regulatory authorities, for the worldwide promotion and preservation of sport shooting activities. Chartered under Belgian law, the World Forum has a noble purpose: to further the study, preservation, promotion and protection of sport shooting activities on every continent. A passion to preserve for future generations our cherished heritage has fostered this.

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